The Neighborhood Kids Watch Characters

Neighborhood Kids Watch
Finn Alexander

Physical: 11 years old. Tall, thin, longish blonde hair
School: Starting middle school
Best Friend: Colby
Summer Goal: Start a neighborhood watch just for kids
Interests: Baseball, Martial Arts, Anything scientific
Personality: observant, studious, thinks outside the box, doesn't always obey the rules. Adults sometimes see him as impertinent.
Greatest Fear:Not being taken seriously
Fun fact: Familiar with forms of secret writing

Colby Stark

Physical: 11 years old, short dark hair
School: Starting middle school
Best friend: Finn
Summer Goal: Play baseball
Interest: Sports and hanging Out.v Personality: Popular with others, loyal, tenacious, nice
Greatest Fear: Things will change in middle school
Love Interest: Sarah Ann
Fun fact: Hates Mr. Barkley who is mean to Colby's cat Stripes

Sarah Ann McMillan

Physical: 11 years old. thin, curly blonde hair
School: Starting middle school
Best Friend: This summer she is getting to be friends with Finn and Colby
Summer Goal: Start a dog walking business
Personality: Outgoing, self starter, energetic, confidentv interests: Softball, Dog Training, Flute
Love Interest: Colby
Fun fact: She has four older brothers, all of whom spoil her. She is more likely to depend on her brothers than her parents.


Physical: Large black and gray tabby
Best friend: Colby
Interest: Stalking birds, eating pizza
Personality: Totally sweet with Colby. Behaves with other people
Fun fact: Always sleeps on the end of Colby's bed.