Longhorn Affair
Emma Langston

Age: 32
Physical: Tall, slim, with long dark hair. Wide-spaced blue eyes with long thick eyelashes
Education: Masters in Fine Arts
ool Job: Art Gallery manager
Best Friend: Miranda
Interests: Art, riding
Personality: Full of energy—a woman who gets things done.
Greatest Fear: Losing her family's ranch.
Love InterestHenry Fielding
HEAThe Longhorn Affair
Fun fact:

Henry Fielding

Age: 35
Physical:Lanky, 6'4", wavy brown hair, handsome.
Education: MBA Harvard
Job: Self employed investor
Best Friend: Jim Frasier
Interests: Business
Love InterestEmma Langston
Personality: Good sense of humor, tenacious, loyal
HEAThe Longhorn Affair
Fun fact: As a child, he spent his summers riding on his grandfather's ranch

Angela Trevino

Physical:Age 45. Pretty, slim, long black hair. Most often wears jeans and boots.
School: Junior college
Job: Ranch cook.
Interests:Starting a restaurant, riding, family
Personality:Outgoing, somewhat volatile, organized, competent, fixes things for others.
Greatest Fear:Moving away from her family.
Love InterestMarried to Alex Trevino
HEA: Longhorn Storm (TBR)
Fun fact:As a young woman she barrel raced.

Alex Trevino

Physical: 48 years old. Mustache and hair are salt and pepper. Hair cut short buzzed on the sides and back. Tanned from being outside with squint lines and deep smile lines
School: masters degree from Texas A&M in animal science
Job: Cattleman at the La Pradera Ranch.
Interests: Cattle, poker, hunting, rodeo, horse training, and his family
Personality: Quiet, thoughtful, unflappable.
Love InterestMarried to Angela Trevino
HEA: Longhorn Storm (TBR)
Fun fact:Alex is a champion rodeo roper.


Physical: 30 years old. Fair skin, long red hair, wears artsy (frequently outrageous) clothing.
Job: Assistant gallery manager
Best Friend: Emma
Interests: The club scene.
Personality: Outgoing. She can sell art to anyone.
Greatest Fear: Being bored.
HEALonghorn Forger (TBR)
Fun fact: Moonlights helping small business owners whose businesses are failing revamp their businesses


Physical: grayish brown puppy with black spots. A long pointy nose, short legs, compact body--no particular breed
Best friend: Emma
Interest: Herding, riding in the truck, and protecting Emma
Personality: Ranch dog--always on the job.
Fun fact: Sleeps on the rug beside Emma's bed with his 'comfy', a dish towel he carries everywhere.