Characters From Jumping In

Jumping In

Lizzy McCallum
Physical: Eighteen, tall, slim, shoulder-length brown hair with a red streak, blue eyes. Wears a size six pair of skinny jeans
Education: senior at Sherridan Hall
Job: Groom and riding instructor
Best Friend: Kenna
Interests: Riding and showing horses.
Personality: Full of energy—a woman who gets things done, loner, believes the end justifies the means.
Plans for the Future Can’t seem to make any.
Love InterestOrlando
HFNJumping In
Mackenna Sherborne

Physical: Eighteen, Tall, slim, elegant, long blonde hair, pretty
Education: senior at Sherridan Hall
Plans for the Future: Law
Best Friend: Lizzy
Interests: Riding and showing horses, pre-law
Personality: Fiercely loyal, follows the rules, popular
Fun fact: She’s a long-range planner and has had a five year and ten year plan since the sixth grade.
Eric Slaton
Physical: Nineteen, tall, blonde, good-looking, always neat and well dressed
Education: Freshman at Yale.
Plans for the Future: Law and politics.
Interests: Golf and pre-las
Personality: A ‘player’, well-liked, not self-reflective
Fun fact: He is going to Yale on a gold scholarship.
Jeremy Slaton
<Physical: Fourteenhas not yet hit his growth spurt, cute, unruly brownish blonde hair, messy
Education: eighth-grade student at Sherridan Hall
Interests: Riding and showing horses, lock picking
Personality: A trickster, full of energy, spooky smart
Greatest Fear: His father might sell his horse.
Fun fact: Knows how to open almost any lock.
Physical: Twenty-eight, pretty, little makeup, medium height, long brown hair worn on a braid down her back. Usually wears jeans and cowboy boots.
Job: Stable owner and trainer at Sherridan Hall
Interests: Training and showing horses
Personality: Full of energy—a woman who gets things done. Rational, analytical, , believes in ‘the system’, Unpretentious.
Greatest Fear: Losing her family’s ranch.
Fun fact: Eleven years ago, Amanda won the Maclay medal.
Orlando Murano
Physical: Twenty, six foot, Cuban, dark hair
Education: senior at college studying veterinary medicine
Job: Groom at Echelon Stables
Interests: Rodeo, riding
Personality: Quite, spends more time listening than talking, sees life as having many gray areas, doesn’t trust the ‘system’
Love InterestLizzy
Fun fact: Pretends not to speak English at work so female riders won’t hit on him.