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Christmas is the last thing Emma wants to think about even though it's her first Christmas with her new husband, Henry.

It’s been a tough year. Emma's father was murdered leaving her the La Pradera, a cattle ranch started by her family in the early 1800s. Emma knows she's not a ranch manager, and she’s not sure she’s any good at marriage either. It’s Christmas Eve, and she hasn’t even decorated the tree! On top of that, she and Henry are at odds, and it's all her fault.

Then Emma discovers a diary written by her many-times-great-grandmother who came to Texas with a herd of cattle, and that changes everything.


Romance and murder from Manhattan to a Texas ranch

All Emma wants is a ranch manager. There is no shortage of applicants, but why do they all sound like they’re proposing?

Book 1 in The Longhorn Series. Find out what happened to Emma and Henry before LONGHORN CHRISTMAS.

Time travel, romance, and murder

Sometimes a second chance isn’t what you expect. It might come with some strings like being married to a stranger and finding out someone wants you dead. And you have no idea who, or why, or when they'll strike again.

Young Adult -- Coming 2021

If you saw someone using drugs to cheat, what would you do?