Just Released Identity Crisis

I hit PUBLISH on my book, Identity Crisis, a contemporary paranormal romance.

What If You Woke Up As Someone Else?

On the surface, Grace Bennet has it all – a successful event planning company, great friends, and a wealthy fiancé currently running for the US Senator from Texas. 
While driving home from work one day, Grace sees her fiancé with a woman in the car next to her. Wasn’t he supposed to be campaigning in Dallas!? He looks over, and they lock eyes. Suddenly, all of the nights he was “staying late at campaign headquarters” or was “too tired” to take her out after a campaign event rushed to front of her mind. 
Grace is thrust back into reality when she realizes both of their cars are skidding sideways. She tries to correct but it’s too late. They both go over the edge of an overpass, falling 20 feet to the pavement below.
The next thing Grace knows, she’s standing next to the woman watching as their bodies are loaded into ambulances. They hear an EMT comment that one of them wasn’t going to make it to the hospital. The woman standing next to Grace realizes that she’s the one that’s going to live. She looks at Grace and tells her calmly that her life is such a mess and if she had a choice, she would rather die. Then she walks away through a doorway filled with light. Left alone, Grace chooses life and jumps into the body that is going to live.
Two days later, Grace wakes up in the hospital with only vague memories of an accident. She gets the shock of her life when she looks in the mirror and sees a face she doesn’t recognize.

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