Just Released The Longhorn Affair

After only eight years. I finally send The Longhorn Affair out into the world. It’s a contemporary romance full of murder and suspense.


Manhattan art gallery manager Emma Langston inherits a large Texas cattle ranch. All she needs to do is go back home to Texas, plan a funeral, hire a ranch manager, and fly back to New York. Really, what does a city girl know about cattle or running a ranch? When she gets to Texas, she finds her father was murdered, the ranch is in financial trouble, and someone is playing a deadly game of cat and mouse. To make matters worse, Emma’s ad for a ranch manager is secretly modified to include ‘husband wanted,’ and a mail-order husband is the last thing Emma wants.


Millionaire Manhattan financier Henry Fielding has suddenly gone from high roller to dead broke. Hounded by a pissed-off loan shark, Henry sees Emma’s ad for a ranch manager/husband and books the first plane to Texas, ignoring the fact that he knows nothing about cows, or that the ad said, ‘husband wanted,’ Being a husband is not in Henry’s plans.


When Henry gets to Texas, it’s obvious Emma needs a lot more than a ranch manager or a husband, although he is seriously considering that. An old-fashioned Western hired gun comes to mind, but Henry isn’t sure he’s that guy as he and Emma race to find her father’s killer, and vengeance from the past comes gunning for them.

A ranch heiress trying to save her ranch doesn’t want a husband. A millionaire financier down to his last dollar, willing to take any risk to get his career back, definitely doesn’t want a wife. Together they hunt a murderer driven by the past and find each other.

Available on Amazon now. Click here.

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