Next on My Release List is The Kids Neighborhood Watch

My kids are both grown now, but as they grew up, I found childhood antics endlessly fascinating. Now I en joy my grandson Finn and write about kids for kids to read. My first chapter book for wrd grade on up is The Kids Neighborhood Watch (The Case of the Missing Cat).

What ten-year-old boy doesn’t want to be a detective?

Fourth grade is out, And Finn wants to spend his summer doing something more important than playing baseball and swimming. He wants to start a neighborhood watch for kids. After all, his friends and he will be outside s lot and can easily pay attention for strange happenings. All he has to do is get the kid-hating president of the homeowner’s association to approve his idea.
When his best friend Colby’s cat disappears, and neighbors begin reporting burglaries, Finn decides he doesn’t need anyone’s permission to investigate. Find out how the junior sleuth rescues Colby’s cat, foils some enterprising robbers, and makes believers out of doubting adults.

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