Romance and murder from Manhattan to a Texas ranch

Emma wants to go back to her life in Manhattan, but the surprise death of her father left her to deal with his, now her, ranch in Texas. The last thing she wants is romance…or a ranch, but a prank changes Emma’s ad from “Ranch manager wanted” to “Husband wanted.”

The last thing Henry, a Manhattan financier, wants is a wife, but he’s out of clients, out of money, and out of options, so he applies for the job.

When Emma and Henry discover that her father was murdered, someone is intent on destroying her ranch, and the sheriff isn’t interested in investigating, Henry figures she needs an old-west hired gun a lot more than a husband, but the husband offer is sounding better and better.


For a deleted scene in which Henry rides a Longfhorn in the Fourth of July parade, click here.

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What people are saying:

“THE LONGHORN AFFAIR is one of those books that is hard to find a comfortable place to stop. Get ready to read into the night!
The Texas scenes are especially real to this native Texan. And the poignant emotions of losing a family member and coming home while coping with the breaks in the life you’ve created elsewhere drew me right into the story. Definitely a good romantic and alive mystery story.” …Denise Bartlett, Gypsy Shadow Publishing.

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